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About Me

Jaden Denfeld

Hi, my name is Jaden Denfeld. I graduated from WSU Vancouver with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture. My focus in school was 3D modeling, but I also took enjoyment in learning animation, texturing and sculpting. In my free time I enjoy several hobbies such as jewelry, blacksmithing, building and painting models, as well as writing and reading. I thank you for taking a look at my portfolio. If you're a fellow creator, I’d love to connect with you and share thoughts and ideas. If you’re an employer, I thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!



youtube link: Highlight Reel

Professional Experience

This project was a wonderful experience, that I thoroughly enjoyed. I undertook this project as a member of a team for John McDaid. In this project we reconstructed his game called "Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse". I was the singular 3D modeler for the entire project. I created approximately 18 models and spent roughly 8 hours building and texturing each model (approx 144 hours). The majority of these models were used within the game's trailer, one model was used within the game section called 'Hyper Earth'. For the aforementioned trailer, I was also in charge of the lighting and set up for the animators.

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse archival website

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse Trailer/reconstruction page

3D Models

Sadly, the website I am using to upload my models doesn't display the texturing in full. I am looking for a way to fix it, but for now, I will keep a small gallery on my Artstation account that has screenshots of the textured items. Click Here

Image Gallery

Video Games/Environmental Art/Game Mods


Link to Itch.io page for G-zero video game

  Environmental Work file Download (2.2GB)

A Unreal Engine project portraying some environmental artwork and experiments


On Par

youtube link: On Par

Star Crossed

youtube link: Star Crossed

Disability PSA

youtube link: Disability PSA

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Battle Ground, WA 98604

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Email: jadenkdenfeld@gmail.com

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